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A tulip (or a peony)

I had a painted canvas I had lying around that I did not like at all. So with some inspiration from a painting of tulips I was gifted some time ago, I decided to paint right over the previous image. It only took me an hour, but I quite like the loose effect. Oil on canvas, 30 x 40 cm.


And more water lilies

A new post in some time. I did paint, but not very much of what I ended up liking. Did I say I love water lilies before? At any rate, here they are again.

In the meantime, I also had the chance to try three different brands of water-miscible oil paints: Winsor & Newton’s Artisan, Royal Talens’ Cobra Artist and Holbein’s Duo Aqua Oil. Despite reading great critiques of Holbein’s paints, I liked them least because they were the most difficult to clean and, frankly, this is likely to be the only reason to use water-miscibles at all. My favourites are Royal Talens Cobra paints despite the long drying times. Has anyone been trying different water miscible paints, too?

Almond blossom

My almond tree needed pruning, but it was also about to bloom! I collected almost all branches with budding flowers and put them in all the vases I could find. It was that perfect moment in time when the nature is full of promises – all those buds full of life, not yet spent. 30cm x 40 cm canvas.

Winter Owl

I needed some sort of a last-minute winterly picture for an empty space above our fireplace to complete our Christmas decorating. Since I already have a couple of owls hanging on the Christmas tree, I just went with the same theme. This is oil on a gessoed melamine board, 50cm x 70cm.

Water Lilies

I love water lilies. True, they are not very original, nor can I paint them well, but here I am trying to paint water lilies for the fourth time. I think I made a thousand photos of water lilies in Bali, so I am well stocked with reference material for 2017. Oil on canvas, 30cm x 40cm.

Cherry Blossom

There is an antiques shop that I often pass on my way and it has a wonderful Japanese gold leaf screen in it that I admire every time. Today I thought I would try making something with a similar idea. I took acrylic gold paint for the background and oil paints for the rest. Canvas board 30cm x 40cm.

Bowl of Lemons

I am only beginning to sort all the impressions I had from the Italy trip. This painting is based on a photo I took in the garden of our hotel that was hosting a wedding the night before. And just like that, there was this magnificent bowl of lemons seemingly forgotten on an empty garden table. Oil on canvas, 30cm x 40 cm.


I have two sisters. This is a portrait of the youngest one from a series of photos I made earlier. It is probably the largest canvas area I ever tried to paint on, so this was very challenging. I could not get the likeness right for ages. It is still not quite there, but she is recognisable.

Oil on paper, 42cm x 29cm (16.5″ x 11.4″).

Red Flamingo Flower in Vase

I was staying in a hotel in Vienna recently and they had these Flamingo flowers all over the place in different colours. I will try to paint the green and pink ones later, but for now here is a red one. The shading of the flower was quite tricky, but I am pleased with the result. Painted on oil paper, 7″ x 10″.

Red Gelato Tuk Tuk

Last time I was in Aix en Provence, I found this lovely ice-cream tuk tuk truck in one of the town’s numerous squares. It was called i’Pinguini. It looked totally charming tucked into the square corner standing out brightly against grey building walls. Oil on paper, 7″x 10″.

Portrait of a Girl in a Red Hat

This is the first portrait I ever tried. It is based on a photo I took of my sister when she was trying this great big red hat on in a shop. I will still make a few small improvements here and there, but I think for now this is a good as it is going to get. It does look like her though! Oil on paper, 7″ x 10″.